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An authoritative catalog of terms, concepts, and fields of study related to psycholinguistics.

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About PsychLing Glossary

The PsychLing Glossary from provides a comprehensive catalog of terms and definitions related to psycholinguistics and other fields of study. Each glossary term contains authoritative definitions from reputable scholars and sources. Anyone can use the PsychLing Glossary to get a baseline understanding of technical terms in fields like linguistics, psychology, anatomy, physiology, and other relevant fields of study.

You can find terms using one of three methods:

  • A–Z: use the first letter of each term
  • Field of study: look up terms according to the term's core discipline
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PsychLing Glossary

Anatomy is a field of study that concerns the scientific study of parts of living organisms.

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PsychLing Glossary

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PsychLing Glossary

Linguistics is a field of study that concerns the scientific study of language.

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PsychLing Glossary

Physiology is a field of study that concerns the scientific study of functions and mechanisms of living systems.

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PsychLing Glossary

Psycholinguistics is a field of study that concerns the scientific study of the relationship between human behavior and language.

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PsychLing Glossary

Psychology is a field of study that concerns the scientific study of human and non-human behavior.

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