Genetic Language (Classification) a language family with descendants

Genetic Language is a term in Comparative Linguistics that commonly means "a language family with descendants." (See also: ISO 639-3 Collective Language Types). This term belongs mainly to the broader category called Classification.

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Lack of documentation on ISO 639-3 website about collective language types Posted September 18, 2023 by SUDO

The ISO 639-3 website provides descriptions for types of individual languages, but not for collective languages; e.g., genetic, genetic-link, geographic, etc. Morey, Post, and Friedman briefly discussed this in a 2013 conference presentation [1]. It was also mentioned in footnote 21 of Gillam's 2004 article [2]. There is also some mention of extra work done with respect to genetic relationships in ISO 639-5, which is not the current release as of this writing.

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  • Applies to: ISO 639 , ISO 639-3 , ISO 639-3 Collective Language Types , ISO 639-3



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