Linguistics (field) the scientific study of language

Linguistics is a field of study within Integrated Science that concerns the scientific study of language. This term belongs mainly to the broader category called Language.

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Fields derived from Linguistics

  • Applied Lexicography (interdisciplinary sub-field) the practice of creating dictionaries
  • Computational Linguistics (interdisciplinary sub-field) the scientific study of language by means of computational methods
  • Epigraphy (interdisciplinary sub-field) the study and interpretation of ancient inscriptions
  • Etymology (interdisciplinary sub-field) the study of word origins
  • Lexicography (interdisciplinary field) the study of vocabulary in a given language
  • Literary Science (interdisciplinary field) the scientific study of literature, its history, development, and theory
  • Neurolinguistics (interdisciplinary sub-field) the scientific study of the relationship between brain processes and language
  • Palaeography (interdisciplinary sub-field) the study of past writing systems and the dating of historical manuscripts
  • Philology (interdisciplinary sub-field) the study of oral and historical written language
  • Psycholinguistics (interdisciplinary sub-field) the scientific study of the relationship between human behavior and language

Terms related to Linguistics

  • Adjective "a classification for words that specify attributes of nouns"
  • Adverb "a classification for words that specify the mode of action of a verb"
  • ISO 639-3 Language Identifiers "the classifications of languages according to the ISO 693-3 standard"
  • Language "structured human communication like speech, writing, or gestures"
  • Noun "a word classification for persons, places, or things"
  • Sentence "the largest structural unit in terms of which the grammar of a language is organized"
  • Verb "a word classification for actions"



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