Ancient Language (Classification) a language that lost all of its native, first-language speakers more than 1,000 years ago

Ancient Language is a term in Comparative Linguistics that commonly means "a language that lost all of its native, first-language speakers more than 1,000 years ago." (See also: ISO 639-3 Individual Language Types). This term belongs mainly to the broader category called Classification.

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"Types of individual languages"

Ancient languages: A language is listed as ancient if it went extinct in ancient times (e.g. more than a millennium ago). Identifiers are assigned to ancient languages which have a distinct literature and are treated distinctly by the scholarly community. It would be ideal to be able to assign identifiers to ancient languages on the basis of intelligibility, but ancient records rarely contain enough information to make this possible.  In order to qualify for inclusion in ISO 639-3, the language must have an attested literature or be well-documented as a language known to have been spoken by some particular community at some point in history; it may not be a reconstructed language inferred from historical-comparative analysis.

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