Comparative Linguistics (field) the scientific study of comparing languages

Comparative Linguistics is a sub-field of study within Historical Linguistics that concerns the scientific study of comparing languages. It belongs to the broader branch of science called Integrated Science. This term belongs mainly to the broader category called Language.

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Fields derived from Comparative Linguistics

  • Applied Lexicography (interdisciplinary sub-field) the practice of creating dictionaries
  • Computational Linguistics (interdisciplinary sub-field) the scientific study of language by means of computational methods
  • Epigraphy (interdisciplinary sub-field) the study and interpretation of ancient inscriptions
  • Etymology (interdisciplinary sub-field) the study of word origins
  • Lexicography (interdisciplinary field) the study of vocabulary in a given language
  • Literary Science (interdisciplinary field) the scientific study of literature, its history, development, and theory
  • Palaeography (interdisciplinary sub-field) the study of past writing systems and the dating of historical manuscripts
  • Philology (interdisciplinary sub-field) the study of oral and historical written language

Definition of Comparative Linguistics

Source: A Glossary of Historical Linguistics

"comparative linguistics"

The subfield of linguistics that compares languages; usually understood as meaning the application of the comparative method to the comparison of languages. Sometimes the term comparative linguistics is used as a synonym or near synonym of historical linguistics. See also comparative method.

Lyle, GHL, 34. [View as image] [Read on OMNIKA]

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Definition of 'Comparative Linguistics'

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