Classification (category)

Classification is the process or result of arranging things according to one or more clearly-defined characteristics. For example, languages are organized according to language families. The same is said of parts of speech with respect to words. In those examples, many scholars agree on those classifications. However, there are areas in psycholinguistics where scholars do not agree. For example, few scholars seem to agree on how to organize writing systems, or scripts. This is why classification is an important aspect of psycholinguistics alongside many other fields of study.

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Language is a term in Linguistics that means structured human communication like speech, writing, or gestures.

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Language Family is a term in Historical Linguistics that means a collection of languages derived from a common ancestor.

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Psycholinguistics is a field of study that concerns the scientific study of the relationship between human behavior and language.

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Script is a term in Grammatology that means a collection of symbols used to transcribe human speech into writing.

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