Spanish (language)

Spanish is a language that belongs to the Indo-European language family. In Spanish, words like Sabiduría are related to mental activity or other psychological processes. To transcribe the Spanish language from speech to writing, scripts (writing systems) like Latin are used.

For example, the sentence below utilizes both the Spanish language and Latin (Script) script:

Solo alabaré al maestro de la sabiduría.
I will only praise the master of wisdom.

Psychological words in Spanish: A–Z

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PsychLing Glossary

Attested Language is a term in Historical Linguistics that means a language with documented writing.

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PsychLing MLI

Indo-European is a language family.

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PsychLing Glossary

Language is a term in Linguistics that means structured human communication like speech, writing, or gestures.

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Language Family is a term in Historical Linguistics that means a collection of languages derived from a common ancestor.

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Latin is a script, or writing system, that belongs to the European family of scripts.

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Proto-Language is a term in Historical Linguistics that means a hypothetical ancestor language of other languages.

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Sabiduría (noun) is a word in the Spanish language that is usually translated as "wisdom."

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Script is a term in Grammatology that means a collection of symbols used to transcribe human speech into writing.

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