Transliteration (Writing) the process of converting written language from one script into another

Transliteration is a term in Grammatology that commonly means "the process of converting written language from one script into another." This term belongs mainly to the broader category called Writing.

Definition of Transliteration

Source: A Dictionary of Linguistics and Phonetics

"transliteration" n.

In the study of writing systems, the conversion of one writing system into another. Each character of the source language is given an equivalent character in the target language – as in the representation of Russian names in English. Transliteration is commonly carried out for the names of people, places, institutions and inventions. Several systems may exist for a single language. Transliteration needs to be distinguished from transcription, in which the sounds of the source word are conveyed by letters in the target language.

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Definition of 'Transliteration'



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